Capitalize on Today's Market

Thinking about selling? Let us show you how to capitalize at the height of the market to ensure you get the highest price for your multifamily, before values begin to drop.

Leave Nothing to Chance

You took a risk when you purchased your multifamily property.  You invested significant money, time and effort.  You’re hoping it will pay off, but you have legitimate concerns…

  • How do you know you’ll get the highest price when you sell?
  • How do you know you won’t leave money on the table?

We understand.  Many of our success stories are clients who came to us with the same concerns.  The good news is, we take the guesswork out of it.  When you enlist us to sell your multifamily asset, we leave nothing to chance.

We actually developed our CORE Sales System to ensure you receive the highest price, allowing you to capitalize on your investment and grow your wealth.  How do we ensure you get the highest price?  With a proven system that leverages a synergistic combination of strategies, resources and technology.

We’ve honed our proprietary CORE Sales System into a well-oiled machine, completing over $350,000,000 in sales across 29 primary, secondary and tertiary markets throughout North Carolina.

Breakthrough Strategies to Maximize the Sale Price


There’s a fine line to consider with pricing.  Too low risks leaving money on the table.  Too high risks losing your target audience.  We’ll determine where that threshold is and recommend the best price to achieve the objective.


Knowing who we’ll be speaking to before we start selling or preparing any materials is crucial.  This sets the stage for the entire process.  We’ll hone in on buyer profiles which make the most sense for your offering.


Once we know who we’re targeting, we’ll develop a pitch that resonates with the highest probability buyers.  By presenting the right information in the right way, we’ll get the best buyers to step up and take action.


We consistently maximize prices for our clients by establishing and applying negotiating leverage every step of the way.  We’ll do the exact same thing for you to ensure you get the highest price possible.

Industry-Leading Partners to Expand Resources

Cutting Edge Technology to Optimize the Process


Our investor database contains thousands of active apartment buyers.  This includes a wide range of local, regional, national and international investors.  We can strategically filter out and target high probability buyers to find the best fit for your property.


Our web portal is the hub where we lead prospects toward buying your property.  We drive investors to a dedicated page highlighting your listing, and provide login access to a well-positioned offering memorandum and supporting documents. 


We maintain confidentiality of your documents and require all prospects to register and login for access.  This provides investors with secure 24/7 access to property specific details and financials, while giving us complete control over who sees what.


Our tracking system allows us to capture all prospect details, including contact info and acquisition criteria.  We’re able to track activity and interest levels, allowing us to see the most active users for your listing so we can proactively engage potential buyers.

Synergy Leads to Success

Synergy is everything to us.  We live and breathe it every day.  But what does that mean for you?

Simply put…  Our entire business is dedicated to achieving one goal.  Our entire team is dedicated to achieving one goal.  Our entire platform is dedicated to achieving one goal…

To help you capitalize on your multifamily investment so you can grow your wealth.

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