Disposition Strategies

We’d rather earn your trust the RIGHT way than win your listing the WRONG way.

Institutional Strategies for the Private Investor

Offering Memorandum Snapshot

Highly focused and ethical team of professionals with over 30 years combined experience, working as one to achieve your goal

Multi-faceted disposition platform, adaptable and scalable to meet your primary objective

Highly advanced technology designed to maximize marketing, distribution, security, confidentiality and analytics

Huge, continuously-growing database of active local, regional, national and international multifamily investors

Professionally produced marketing materials tailored to your property - regardless of size, class, condition or location

Multiple avenues of distribution to best align with your specific goals and objectives

Sophisticated negotiation tactics to ensure that the leverage stays in your court from start to finish

Unsurpassed market knowledge and analytics to evaluate what your apartment property is worth in real time

From private offerings to national campaigns, confidentiality is paramount in everything we do

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APARTMENT CORE was created to give private investors like you the same benefits and expertise that institutional investors receive.

Targeted Timeline ➝

With over 30 years combined multifamily brokerage experience and hundreds of millions of dollars in closed deals under our belt, we know what it takes to not only achieve your objective, but exceed your expectations.

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Day 1


  • Gather property details and specs
  • Schedule photographer and aerial imagery
  • Finalize marketing materials
  • Set up webpage and document vault
Day 1
Day 5


  • Present to high probability buyers
  • Gain interest & build momentum
  • Establish buyer urgency
  • Encourage motivated prospects to move forward
Day 5
Day 10


  • Push to entire investment market (or select group)
  • Qualify prospects and schedule tours
  • Attain offers and leverage buyers
  • Negotiate agreement and get contract executed
Day 10
Day 45


  • Help facilitate due diligence process
  • Schedule inspections and site visits as needed
  • Assist with third-party requests
  • Make sure due diligence is moving forward
Day 45
Day 75


  • Align attorneys and closing parties
  • Assist with information requests
  • Tie up any loose ends
  • Ensure transaction moves toward closing
Day 75
Day 105


Day 105